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Dr. Bikram P.S. Brar

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Dr. Bikram P.S. Brar


Professional Qualification :

Diaphragmatic Hernia - A study of 25 cases.

Use of Antibiotic in surgical cases.
Role of Omentopexy in impending Gangrene of Lower Limb due to Burgers Disease - A study of 50 cases.
Pitfalls in Clinical Diagnosis of Axillary nodes in Ca. Breast, A Study of 100 cases.
Tumours of the small intenstine : A study of 60 cases.
Clinico pathological study of testicular tumour in India population.
A case report miliary Tuberculosis of Gut Presenting as stricture and perforation of Jejunum.
A case report : A case report of Lynch Syndrome - I
Role of Lymph node Staining in CA Breast.
Parental nutrition in Blunt trauma abdomen.
Changing concepts in the Management of deep vein thrombosis.
Study of soft Tissue Sarcoma in Paediatric Age Group.
Retroperitional Tumours and cysts - A study of 60 cases.
National Symposium on "Fifty years of Indian Independence - Health Scenario"
Basic Training Course in Minimal Access Surgery.
ASIRAJ - 1999
ASIRAJ - 2000
IXV Annual Conference of Indian Foot Society.
21st Annual Conference of Northern Chapter Association of Surgeons of India.
Indian Orthopaedic Association 45th Annual Conference.
ISOCON - 2000 IXth Biennial National Conference of Indian Society of Oncology, Hyderabad.
ASICON - 2000, New Delhi.
ASICON - 2000, New Delhi - Laproscopic Surgery Workshop
Jaipur Ophthalmology Society Workshop
WFNS Tumor Section Meeting - 2004.
Workshop on CENTRAL VENOUS CATHETERIZATION at St. John's Hospital, Bangalore, India.
National Spine Conference - 2004 - OOTACAMOUND
Omentopexy with Lumber Sympathectomy - A Promising Approach to Ischemic Ulcer of the Foot - J Foot Surg (Ind.) Vol XV Number 1 2000, ISSN 0970-5708.
Dissertion done on topic of Role of Glasgow Scale in Pancreatitis - A study of 25 cases.
Awarded Certificate of Master of Surgery in general Surgery by University of Rajasthan with serial no. 6306 dated 02-04-2002.
Awarded Degree certificate of M.Ch. (Neurosurgery) by University of Rajasthan wih serial no. 39020 dated 27-07-2005 after successfull completion of 3 years residency course, Log Book Maintainence & clearing viva-voca, practical & theory examinations conducted in the presence of two internal examiners namely Prof. Dr. P.P.S. Mathur & Prof. Dr. H. Bagaria and two external examiners namely Prof. Dr. A.K. Mahapatra (H.O.D., Deptt. of Neurosurgery, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi) & Prof. Dr. V.K. Khosla (H.O.D., Deptt. of Neurosurgery, Post Graduate Institute, Chandigarh).
Awarded certificate with serial no. 25649/F(PG)MC/05/Dated 04-08-05 by the office of Principal, S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur & Controller of attatched Hospitals Jaipur certifying that the degree given to me is recognised by Medical Council of India & has passed the examination for M.Ch. (Neurosurgery) in First attempt.
Awarded certificate with serial no. 25650/F(PG)MC/05/Dated 04-08-05 by the office of Principal, S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur & Controller of attatched Hospitals Jaipur certifying that his conduct & character is good and he is associated with under- gradu ate & post-graduate teaching work for three years.
News and Articles :
Tribune 1-3-2007
Rare Surgery saves sole breadwinner of Family
  Kuldip Bhatia Ludhiana, Feb.28
  Had it not been for the successful endoscopic surgery of the spine and generosity of hospital staff, Leela Singh (42), a labourer working in Malerkotla town in Sangrur District would have perished or remained incapacitated for the rest of his life.
              The virtually stitchless and highly complicated surgery to repair the fractured C-2 (cervical vertebra) was performed by Dr. Bikram Brar, a consultant neuro-surgeon at a local private hospital here. Dr. Brar is a trained surgeon from the National institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, Bangalore and Stuttgart (Germany). Claiming the procedure a rare one, Dr. Brar said no case of endoscopic spine surgery had been reported so far in the medical history in the country.Giving details, Dr. Brar said Leela Singh the sole breadwinner of the family had fallen down in a well on February 19 and sustained fracture of the spine. The relatives of the victims sought opinion from various doctors in the state but they were given very poor prognosis if the surgery was performed.
              With little hope of recovery, Leela Singh was brought to the hospital on February 22 and after thorough assessment operated upon the next day using an endoscope.The marathon stitchless surgical procedure took four hours and a screw was put in C-2 vertebra.There was no loss of blood and the post operative recovery was remarkable. The patient started taking food and moving limbs in the evening and was discharged after four days of stay in the hospital.According to Dr.Brar, the surgery (of the spine) was very complicated and more often than not life threatening.
              Victims of such spinal fractures either died before reaching the hospital or those who did make it die at the operating table. However with the availability of state of art equipment and skilled professionals, such difficult spinal surgeries will become day care surgeries and that too with no stitches on the body.Hospital chairman Dr.Baldeep said the patient was very poor and could not afford the surgery, which in normal course would have cost him over Rs.50000. "We waived off all hospital and operation charges and the patient had to pay only for the medicines. Even the cost of some disposables, used in endoscopic surgery, was borne by the operating surgeon".
Hindustan Times 1-3-2007
Rare Neurospinal Surgery performed
  HT Live Correspondent Ludhiana, February 28
  Doctors at Deep Hospital Ludhiana performed a rare surgery on a labourer today. Neurospinal Surgeon Dr.Bikram Brar, said the patient, Leela Singh, feel in a well on February 19 and was diagnosed with a C-2 injury. The patients relatives consulted many doctors who warned them against surgery, Dr.Brar said.
              However, Leela was operated upon February 23 using an edoscope. The stitchless surgical procudure took four hours and a screw was installed in the C-2 vertebra.After this, the patient started consuming food, moved limbs by evening the same day and was discharged after 4 hours at the hospital, Dr. Brar said.
              He described this as a rare surgery and ,said most patients suffering from such injuries succumb to their injuries before reaching the hospital or during surgery.He predicted that difficult spinal surgeries would one day become day care surgeries and would be conducted without stitches.
Indian Express 10-3-2007
Surgery done at Deep Hospital
  Ludhiana: Dr. Bikram Brar, neuro-spinal surgeon, Deep Hospital has done one of the rarest surgery in Punjab. Mahngi Ram, 55 years from Kotkapura had developed paralysis on the left side of his body due to large sized deed seated tumour in the night side of the brain. With a conventional surgery under anaesthesia, there was a high risk of permanent paralysis and it needed prolonged stay in ICU. Dr.Bikram an expert in stereotactic surgery performed this operation with the help of a CT Scan through a key hole.
The Tribune 12-3-2007
Paralysis Patient fit in two days
  Our Correspondent Ludhiana March 11,
  Dr. Bikram Brar, a neuro-spinal surgeon, successfully performed an innovative procedure on a 65 year old hemiplegic patient with a marvelous results.Mahngi Ram, a resident of Kotkapura town, had developed paralysis of left side of his body due to a large deep seated tumour in the right side of his brain. With conventional surgery under anesthesia, there was a high risk of permanent paralysis, and even in case of positive results the patient would have remained bed ridden for a long time with a prolong stay in ICU.
              Dr. Brar an expert in stereo tactic surgery, performed this operation with the help of a CT scan through a key hole without giving any anesthesia. "The procedure took only half an hour and there was tremendous improvement in the weakness of the patient immediately after surgery, the patient with only two stitches in his scalp, was discharged,
Deccan Herald 3-12-2006
Spiked on rod, man survives
  Bangalore : Twenty-year old Bhaskar Rao is lying on a hospital bed, writhing in pain, though under sedation. His hands and head are swathed in bandages. Once in a while he opens his eyes and asks for water. He doesn't know why he is in hospital. He may soon know, if and when his brain permits, that is. But, as doctors say, it is more a question of 'when' than 'if'. Bhaskar Rao from Guntur in Andhra Pradesh may well find a place in medical history a nearly 20-inch long, 15mm torque steel rod that had pierced his brain was removed by doctors at St. John's Hospital on November 30, in a three hour operation.
              The hospital staff was surprised to see the boy, brought in from a City construction site, with a 2-metre-long steel rod running throgh his upper back and jutting out from the right side of the skull. Immediately, doctors went into a huddle and decided on surgery. "We had no set procedures to follow and had to improvise At least two suggestions were spiked as they could lead to more complications, "Dr A K Chand, Head of Neuro surgery, told Deccan Herald. "Finally, we decided on the 'rail-and-road-method.' " WE used haemostatic agents to prevent bleeding after the removal of the rod. The procedure proved ideal and there was no bleeding. The boy is progressing well. But he needs to be under observation for at least a week as hecould develop infection, "he added.
  Rare Case
              Dr Chand said it was a rare case as there were two entry and exit wounds. Also, there was a possiblity of the patient bleeding to death on the operation table. "My gut feeling was that if the patient could survive such a ghastly accident, he would also survive the surgery. God will not punish a person twice,"he added. The boy had fallen from the second floor of a building under construction and landed straight on the protruding rod. He was found 'hoist' on the rod. Workers at the site cut the rod and rushed him to hospital. "Good that they didn't try to pull out the rod. That would have meant certain death, " Dr Chand said. "It was also very challenging to anaestheticians but they did a Wonderful job."
              The surgical team comprised Dr Bikram Pal Singh, Dr S Bhaskar and Dr Shailesh Rao and anaesthaeticians Dr Anand and Dr Satya. Sources said on-site accidents were on the rise and at least three persons had to be operated on in the last couple of weeks. In some cases, builders foot the bill.
Ajit 23-3-2007
Dr. Bikram P.S. Brar a spine surgeon






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